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Complete Abaya / Caftan Dress Model

Modern Style Abaya / Caftan Dress made from finest quality materials

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Colors:

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model available colors are listed below , select a color to order or to view the related Abaya / Caftan Dress Model color picture.

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Sizes:

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Sizes are listed in the select field below ,If you know your size chose a size to order or read below to understand more about Abaya sizes.

If you dont know which Abaya / Caftan dress size to chose, You can write down your weight (in Kilogram) and your Height (in Centimeters) in the text box below then click save customization , so we can send the Abaya / Caftan Dress Model size that fits you.

How to Order:

After Selecting Abaya / Caftan Dress Model color and size , or saving your your weight and height , Simply click on Add to Cart Button to proceed with your order.

Dont forget to click on SAVE CUSTOMIZATION before clicking on ADD TO CART buttons, in case you chose to fill your height and weight and leave to us the mission to decide which Abaya / Caftan Dress Model size fits you.

Discounts and Wholesale Orders:

Discounts will be applied in the final step after entering your shipping address to calculate shipping cost or if you eligible for FREE SHIPPING

Other Discounts and Special Offers will be shown in your cart as per our periodic announced offer programs.

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If you want to order more Abaya / Caftan Dress Model with same color and size edit the number before add to cart,

In case you want to order different sizes and/or colors from same Abaya / Caftan Dress model,

  1. Select your first model size , color and quantity then click Add to Cart
  2. In the next window click Continue Shopping to place your next selection.
  3. Place your next selection.
  4. Repeat if you want to add more selections.
  5. Once you finish all your selections, Click on Proceed to Checkout from next window.
  6. Enter your shipping address and details then Available discounts will be applied automatically.
  7. Proceed to payment and you are done!

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